Contrans employs highly trained drivers and staff committed to protecting the environment by providing safe transportation of hazardous materials and waste products to disposal sites.

ECL Carriers

ECL Carriers is the largest long-haul transporter of waste in Ontario, offering truckload waste transportation services within Ontario, Michigan and New York. We focus on transporting industrial and commercial dry waste, but we can efficiently transport other bulk materials. ECL’s extensive fleet of trailers includes unique configurations allowing loading from the top, by compactor or both. ECL Carriers was the first Ontario waste hauler to be C-TPAT certified. CONTACT US

Laidlaw Carriers Bulk

Laidlaw Carriers Bulk provides waste transportation from transfer stations to landfill sites primarily in Quebec with its specialized waste trailer fleet. Our trailer specifications are continually upgraded to maximize waste volumes being transported. CONTACT US

Tri-Line Carriers

Tri-Line Carriers’ lightweight and high-volume waste transfer trailers provide efficient transportation of non-hazardous solid waste across Western Canada. Tri-Line takes pride in its promotion of environmentally friendly and ethical business practices, moving customers’ waste products with care and expertise. MORE INFO | CONTACT US