Since its creation in 1985, Contrans Group Inc. has built a national presence in specialized areas of transportation by strategically acquiring companies and creating a number of niche transportation service offerings. Our flexible cost model and conservative capital structure have kept the company financially sound through both good and bad economic times. 

Our strength is in our breadth of resources as well as our unique operating principles. Our subsidiary companies are managed independently while benefiting from the backing of TransForce Inc., the ultimate parent company of Contrans, traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: TFI).

Contrans Group’s operating divisions include North American industry leaders in van, flatbed, waste, tank, dump and logistics.



  • 01.13.2015

    TransForce to Proceed with Compulsory Acquisition of Remaining Shares of Contrans Group Inc.

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Contrans Group Inc. has assembled a network of transportation companies that are strategically located in major North American markets and have one of the widest arrays of specialized service offerings of any transportation company. Click below to find out how our team of experienced transportation specialists can provide exceptional services for you.

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